Saturday, October 5, 2013

Valentines and Wood trip in February

 For Valentines, Jeff and I celebrated at Morton's Steakhouse in Georgetown. So nice to have a great date night alone. Of course Jeff goes all out and gets me a paragliding lesson for our present! Pretty amazing and so much fun! I married a guy who loves to have fun that's for sure!

 Jeff's family came to visit for Eric's white coat ceremony in February. So fun to have Alan and Kris! we took them to the Dulles Air and Space museum.
 Then we all drove to Richmond to go see Eric's ceremony
 And of course we loved having Grandma Liz come visit us in DC! Here we are at the Baltimore Aquarium. Wow it's definitely one of the most amazing Aquariums there is!

Life with my Izzy in the cold months of January and February

 Here are some things that we love to do with our little Izzy when it is cold here in DC. What I love: 
- being able to do whatever I want as a mom
- Hangin with my little girl EVERYDAY. I love her more than life itself and at this age, it is more fun than I could have ever imagined. Every season is fun and the winter months are great in DC because of museums museums museums! 
Here we are at the Dulles Air and Space Museum on a cold January day with Daddy

 She loves Mobu kids- great indoor play area for kids
 pretty much a 4:00 tradition here in VA is Tyson's mall with my friends. We always go to the Disney Store and have the kids run around. Then we move on to Pottery Barn kids, get ice cream, and then see the fish in L.L. Bean.
Izzy loves going to the gym with me and I love it too! Afterwards it is a tradition to get a "smee" smoothie. Here we are waiting for ours. 

 Whats crazy is we will sometimes get 60 - 70 degree weather in the winter months ( only a day here and there) and nothing better than getting our and going to the park. Here is Izzy with Sarah's kids.
 Izzy's playschool
Here she is with all of her great little friends in her 2 year old playschool that us moms do
 We love to go pick daddy up from work and go to his favorite restaurant for dinner- Sweet Green
 I had to post this picture because this girl could play all day by herself in her room. I feel so lucky sometimes because she loves it and then i can get stuff done!

 This was THE BEST part of our February month... disney on ice! Wow did she love it. She started to just dance and sing in the middle of the aisle it was hilarious. I probably took 10 videos. Everyone was watching her and then her friends had to join her!
 Here she is with 2 of her best friends: Nolan and Macy!
 And here we are at the building museum
 Brady came to visit in February! So fun to be with him

 this girl could paint for hours, she loves it!

 And that is life with my little Izzy. I love her so much!

Christmas 2012

 We had such a great Christmas! It was so fun to be with our little family. We thought it would be fun to spend a couple of nights in Williamsburg. It was so charming and perfect for the Holiday. We stayed in a perfect condo with a fire place on the 22nd and 23rd of December. Perfect to get in the mood for Christmas Eve and Christmas. We went to the charming cobble stone street shops, restaurants and then on to Old Colonial Williamsburg.

 The best part of our trip was visiting the Revolutionary City and seeing them light the torches and lanterns. Such a great show and Izzy loved it.

 Through the month of December, I tried to do something festive every day. And since we were staying home, we tried to go to all of the fun events DC had to offer. Here are Izzy and Jeff at the white house Christmas trees. They have a Christmas tree for every state (that the state donates) on the White House lawn.
 Christmas eve we got to celebrate with great friends. The Becks, Sandersons and Walkers. Such good food, fun games and of course we did the Nativity Scene with the kids. Izzy was an Angel.

 We continued our tradition and had Izzy open one gift on Christmas Eve! We left cookies and milk for Santa! She kind of understood Santa... but hopefully will more next year! 
And then Jeff and I had to carry on the tradition of watching Christmas Vacation!
Christmas morning was priceless! It was so relaxing! We kind of didn't know what to do with ourselves. Izzy was loving all of the gifts. I would say that she was kind of done after about 3 gifts, so we saved some of them for later in the day (and even for the next year!) so that the fun wouldn't just stop at 11:00 a.m. We skyped with our families and definitely missed them on Christmas Day. 
After opening presents, we made yummy waffles and watched the Polar Express. 

 We then got ready and went and met our great friends the Bessey's for a yummy ham and potato dinner. So fun to just hang with good friends and eat yummy food. Great Christmas!